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Day 8



Definitely broke out and experiencing my IB. My left cheek is just disgusting, I would consider this one of my bad breakouts. I was wondering if you guy could tell me how long your IB lasted? I have a huge dilemma because prom is in 2 weeks! Fingers crossed?

I also just got the flu/cold yesterday and stayed in bed all day. I was achy, feverish, and so weak along with a runny, congested, plugged nose. It was horrible, but i managed to not take ANY medication and fight through it naturally. Today I feel so much better and proud that I didn't have to pop even more pills.

Although I'm feeling better, my skin begs to differ. My forehead broke out which usually stays clear, both sides of my cheek but more on my left. I am so frustrated, but hopefully it will calm down soon because my spring break ends in 3 more days .

I am dry, the sides of my nose especially because I keep having to blow it ever 5 minutes because of my cold haha and whenever I wake up I have flakes everywhere disgusting I know.. Also my lips are dryer than before and i switched chap sticks from burts and bees to the classic chapstick strawberry flavor it seems to work better. My scalp is also very itchy even though I use dandruff shampoo.

Hope to clear up soon and manage my dryness better!


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