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I love accutane and accutane loves me



I rolled out of bed 15 min before my class, brushed my teeth, made a protein shake to go, and went to class. WITH NO MAKE-UP ON. That my friends, is why I love accutane. My face is clear. Not one cyst, not even a trace of one, no little bumps, NOTHING. It is amazing. I realllllly wish I would have gotten this drug earlier.

I don't have any of those crazy side effects. My lips are dry, but I carry accutane like a stoner carries visine. Inside my nose feels kinda weird, and I might have had one or two headaches, but I don't even know if that is from accutane. It has been seriously less then a month. This shit works fast. My derm app is next week, not looking forward to the blood/preg test/online comprehension, but HEY, it's worth it. I know they are planning to up my does to two pills a day, but I don't even want to, I'm afraid it will dry my face up like a raisin. So we'll see.

I'm gonna go play volleyball and workout with some friends right now, WITH NO MAKE-UP ON. I can't get over that, it's great! :shhh:


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