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Week 1.



Regimen facts for light (haven't been light for awhile now) to moderately severe acne, First week.

Products atm.

Purpose as my cleanser.

Neutrogena on the spot as my BP.

Dermasil lotion, in little amount. Gets rid of dry skin. And doesn't break me out.

I ordered Dan's, but it hasn't arrived yet.


Fish oil pills.




Water, water, and more water.

Less dairy, more fruits and veggies.

Week story.

Experienced dry skin, few red marks, purge like symptoms.

For better or worse.

This can go 50/50.

My skin is a lot smoother :cry: , I have less blackheads, experienced barely there whiteheads, and gained two cystic pimples. Progress, cheeks, nose, chin, forehead. Whiteheads were gone within a day, and when I say small, I mean small. Thus, I feel it might have been a purge of my pores. Red marks took a few days to go down, but now they are very faint. BP cleared a clogged pore (?) that I had above my lip for months. Glad to see bump no longer exists. The worse, those two cystic pimples I earned. One, has gone down significantly. While the other one on my chin, is red and angry looking. Hurts terribly, as well. The better, smoother complexion, little clogged pores, problem areas breaking down. So all in all, my only negatives were the cystic pimples and tender skin.

Idea Time.

I'm going to continue the regimen, but see my dermatologist to see what's up. Maybe I need a prescribed medication, internally or externally. But I feel like I might be disappointed since I'm not a severe patient, as usual. Duac gel, zoderm, benzaclin, and expensive cleansers... just to name a few. Duac worked the best with my moderate acne, but my doctor never prescribed it again. And even when I do speak, I immediately get cut off. Maybe it's time I see a new doc? But regardless I'm going to see one as a precaution, and if it's not something else, I'm sticking to this, unless I'm listened to. :shhh:


Maybe I shouldn't see the doctor, and just stick to this because it's working. But said cystic zit on chin, is causing much anguish to find miracle that probably doesn't work or would never be given to me. Should mention, month prior I had two that I'm still recovering from. :shhh:

Emotional stress.

I'm about a 5 or 6 at the moment. My boyfriend just doesn't understand, and he's made a few unnecessary comments about my regimen. Pimple on chin is bad, not even cover up could hide the redness. Have stayed in the past few days. And have felt defeated the past few months on and off. Decided to take plastic storage tub, and fill it with past disappointments. Inside sits clean&clear, Clearasil, burt's bees, Neutrogena acne stress stuff, mint julep, sulfur stuff, etc. What a waste of $$$


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