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Last night I took my first dose of Claravis: 40mg.

Lips are already a little dry, but not noticing any intense symptoms yet.

I spoiled myself a little the last few days. Splurged on some cute hats and some long sleeved linen/cotton tunics to keep the sun away from my skin this summer; bought some really quality all natural face washes and moisturizers, some epsom salts and a mustard bath.

Here's my little product list so far:

Oatmeal/Rasberry Corrective Cleanser from Collective Wellbeing

Honey/Rose Honey Buff from Collective Wellbeing

Very Clear Problem Skin Moisturizer from dermaE (MY SKIN LOVES THIS STUFF! contains Tea Tree, Willow Bark, Rosewood, Lavender and Chamomile)

Green Tea and Gingko SPF 15 Moisturizer from Aubrey Organics

Lavender Chamomile Moisture Stick from Deep Steep


Unrefined Shea Butter from CoatalScents.com for my body

I also am still planning on using good ol' tea tree oil for spot treatments- although my doc warned me not too, so I'll try to be cautious.

Aside from the beauty products, I've made quite a few lifestyle changes in the past couple of months that are doing my skin a lot of good. Since the beginning of last month when I learned I was going to be starting accutane, I made a pledge to get into as good of physical shape as possible. If my body is strong and well-toned than it will better handle such an intense medication. Right now I might be in the best shape of my life! Last weekend my friends and I headed out to go mountain climbing and my friend and I literally RAN up the mountain! Here is a list of dietary/lifestyle guidelines that I've been pretty well keeping up with:


Severely limit sugar intake

run! hike! jog! get outside and move for at least 45 mins a day!

Sleep at least 8 hours nightly


take a B-vitamin complex helps with stress, give energy, and beautifies skin, hair and nails

limit caffeine intake to green tea (NO BLACK TEA!)

avoid/ quit eating dairy **you must supplement with calcium or eat a lot of greens

take Live Pro-biotics in milk or soy culture

wash face with cold water instead of hot like i was taught...

stay out of the sun- wear glasses, hats, and long sleeved shirts made from thin fabrics

avoid processed foods like bread, pasta, cereal, granola, granola bars, etc.

and last and most difficult: avoid chocolate and other super antioxidant rich foods- antioxidants are good in preventing aging, but they can also cause inflamation if eaten too regularly

If anyone has any good recommendations I'd really appreciate it. I've read a lot of blogs and watched the youtube videos, but I still feel there is probably a lot I don't know.

Waiting a month to get the medication was a pain, but getting the prescription filled is pretty easy. You have to take a little test online before you can get it filled. Its about 7 questions and takes about 10 minutes. Not difficult in the least.

Alright guys I'm headed out for a morning jog.

You know, it sure is nice to look in the mirror in the mornings and be able to say to yourself: only 6 more months (and really- only 2 until I see results!)

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wow you seemed very prepared! that's good, i think your prepared for the side effects just make sure you have chap stick at all times haha and one other suggestion is try taking vitamin C it will help absorb the medicine and boost your immune system because it really suppresses your immune system.. i already got the flu haha but i'm doing better now just be cautious with your body :)

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