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Day 88 + doxy



It's almost three months! :cry:

I went to see the doctor again today and I have to go through another month of anitbiotics. Hmpf, that's dissapointing. But on the other hand, it ís working and I'm almost sure that it will be gone by then.

The right sight of my face is completely acne-free, which is really a miracle, 'cause I've had acne spots on that area for a longgg time. My face feels so soft. It's a relieve! The only bad thing is that it turned into a large red area. It feels like babyskin and I'm not sure these kind of scars will go away. That's why my doctor decided to send me to a dermatologist. I hope that will help me with the scarring.

The left side of my face has still got some active acne-spots and that's why I have to take the doxycycline for another month. But it's not that worse anymore. Just a spot here and there. Haven't had any cysts or wounds or infected areas. It's just some pimples. I can live with that :shhh:

Next goal: get rid of the scars! And to keep the acne away.

I'm very glad that the anitbiotics are being so helpfull. And I think that the BP is giving a great support! The BP heals my skin on the surface and gets rid of all the little zits and redness, and the doxycycline is taking care of the big problems. Very good! :shhh:

I'm feeling better day by day. Yay!


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