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Day 5



So tonight is the end of day 5 and I am on 60 mg/day which is a high dosage for a small girl with moderate acne but it's whatever. My nose is peeling, especially the sides and it burns. It's very irritating. My skin is already peeling and dry and my lips are dry but very manageable. Often when I blow my nose in the mornings, blood will stain my tissue but a persistent flow never happens. My scalp is slightly itchy but nothing crazy.

Other than the well-anticipated side effects, I have been experiencing a small little break out on my forehead, and a couple of bumps on my cheeks and chin. I honestly believe this to be my IB which is annoying, but not very severe so that's good.

I'm quite surprised on how the side effects took place so soon and my IB... maybe it just means i'll clear up soon as well? Fingers crossed.


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