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The Quest to get rid of acne



The Quest

To fully under the ramifications of the situation of acne I must explain my life story through the period of me having acne. Now when I was 18 I had prior knowledge of my father having acne at a younger, along with his brother so I basically knew as a forgone conclusion at sometime in life it would rear its ugly head at me I just never understood acne and never even attempted to. All my life before acne life was easy, I considered myself very attractive and girls came easily to me, life was good. During my senior year of high school I would have breakouts here and there, but nothing serious I thought nothing of it and did not go see a dermatologist. After I graduated I conducted my first chemical peel which was as a result was a complete failure, the chemical was left on my face and the individuals conducting the peel left me in a room confused and in pain! Needless to say my acne subsided for sometime after that and I was simply left with the scars. I could deal with this even though it was a hit to my tremendous ego. Soon after this my 2nd semester in college to be exact I began using drugs at a tremendous pace. Smoking marijuana became a daily habit as well as drinking.

Now one may argue that these have no effect on acne, but I can testify to the opposite. My face took a complete nosedive and I developed a serious case of acne on both of my cheeks and forehead. I can remember many occasions where I would smoke and just stare at my face in amazement of what in the hell happened to my face. For a period of almost a year I did not fully understand the ramifications of popping all these whiteheads and continuing to smoke, I did attain a second chemical peel, but I was too naive into believing that a miracle would occur when I obtained a chemical peel. I was simply looking for the quick fix for this unknown problem to me. I began to retreat from the social life I once craved for and began to simply stay home and play Xbox rather then go out and feel embarrassed and the blunt of jokes. I was afraid to meet new girls and people because I felt as if I was being judged in a negative manner for having this disease. It was as if God was punishing me for my ego in the past and I felt humbled to say the least. The only place I felt comfortable was my job which was a manager at McDonalds, I felt as if I was really good at the job that it disguised the fact that I was in fact a hideous individual.

This is not to say I completely secluded myself from women or people. I had two girls that really stuck by me through the whole situation and I will be forever grateful, also the many thanks to my guy friends who overlooked my physical disfigurement and simply saw me for the person I was, for that I am forever grateful. Regardless in the beginning of the year 2010 I made it a resolution that I would do everything in my power to have a clear face in 6 months. I am so far in month 3 and have achieved the goal of clearing my skin without the assistance of a dermatologist or any doctor for that matter. This is not to say that the battle was not hard and to say the least cheap, but it was effective and my confidence and happiness does not have a price. I will now tell my story of my fight with acne so that it may help others and give light to the dark tunnels that are the lives of acne sufferers.

The first step I took to curb the situation was to get full acne facial at a local spa. Contrary to the first two chemical peels I received this peel+ microdermabrasion and the all important extraction phase which embodied popping every active lesion and pimple and thus applying the peel to penetrate these areas and kill the acne bacteria. Now compared to the first two peels this peel put me in extreme pain, but no pain no gain right at least that’s what I told myself. After this ordeal I was told to buy an array of topicals to which I politely declined to the confusion of the doctors and instead simply bought a sunscreen which I applied on a daily basis. People began to tell me my face was looking better and my confidence was improving everyday, but so was my obsession to completely rid myself of acne. I would read for hours on different opinions on how acne can be cured and the root cause. Through all of this reading I formulated my own plan to attack the acne.

I fully believe in a holistic view to medicine, and the reports where diet has no bearing on acne is completely false. Now while acne is genetically inherited this is no doubt, the severity and the length depends completely on the affected individual. It is sort of like our traits where acquire 50% genetic 50% environment. I believe acne works in a similar way. It is no coincidence that we do not see high acne sufferers in any other country, but America. This led me to question why is it that Americans suffer from this disease more so then any other country in the world. I began to research our diet and lifestyle habits and it was quite clear, Americans just live unhealthy lifestyles. From a genetic standpoint all acne sufferers share one thing in common; acne is a way our body expels of toxins. Acne can simply be described as an overload of toxins accumulated from everyday life and it is expelled through the skin. Now while this sounds far fetched think of it as it as good thing, our bodies are telling us clearly that something is wrong inside of our bodies and communicating us to take some action. Now many individuals must under our body in our natural digestive and cleansing state can only handle so many toxins before the kidney and liver become overloaded and backed up. This is a clear reason you can note many acne sufferers also suffer from constipation. This alone can be a root cause for acne, take the example of not taking out your garbage for three days and leaving it sitting in the living room of your house, your house would get smelly would it not? The same holds true for the human body, how does one expect to have a clean system without going to the restroom at least once a day? Now doctors tell us that a regular working digestive system only requires going to the restroom once every three days. Now I can confess when I was suffering with my worst acne I would go to the restroom once every four days or so and have complete difficulty doing so. This leads me to my next point.

With our culture and lifestyle today in America we must see the complete picture of how the food we eat affects us on a day to day basis. The majority of meat products since the beginning of what I like to label as the fast food era, is processed meat. The stories of the little chickens injected with steroids to increase their breast muscles because that is what consumers crave for. The meat and chicken companies simply are obeying the rules of supply and demand. Now, before I go on a complete tangent of this industry, how do we expect to be healthy when the majority of the food we eat has been tampered with and artificially engineered to sell for profit? The answer is that our bodies can not support the overload of these toxins. And generally these toxins lead to an array of diseases that plague the American population. It is no secret that the health insurance industry is a multi- billion dollar organization because of this fact. Now, I am not saying there would be no sick people if we took away processed foods and refined sugars, but I am saying that in general the population would live for a longer period of time, but your question must be what does that have to do with the acne sufferer? On most occasions the acne sufferer simply eats without regard because for so long acne has been said to be caused by simply oily skin. Oily skin simply is a symptom of having the type of body that cleanses through the skin if necessary rather then pile up these toxins in the body.

We are what we eat is an old adage that holds true with regards to acne sufferers. When I was suffering with my acne the worst I noticed I was simply eating out every single meal, as a college student that is typical of what we will do. Not knowing the consequences of this and simply continuing to eat whatever I wanted. It also did not help that I did not exercise during this period. Exercising is an excellent way to relieve toxins from the body through sweating. I was simply an inactive couch potato who simply worked went to school and did drugs. Now I keep reiterating the drugs because what can be more toxic then smoking and 8th of a gram of marijuana every day? The human body simply can not process all of these toxins effectively. Many of my friends who are smokers are now occurring problems such as constant tonsillitis and bronchitis as well as the chronic coughing and spitting out black mucus from the lungs. Keep in mind we are all in our early 20s. On the other hand I have had no such problem with my lungs or any other physical condition for that matter, this illustrates the fact that each of our bodies are unique in their ways of ridding waste and there are many outlets for the body to do so.

Now once I had a firm grasp of this concept I began a diet that many people completely questioned. Now working at McDonalds 40 hours made this a bit of a difficult task for me and there were plenty of occasions I was tempted to eat sugar or fats, but I told myself it was for the better of my face. Such things I cut out of my diet were any fast food products other then grilled chicken and salad. Soda is a huge area that needs to be addressed by acne sufferers, keep in mind that Coca-Cola can be used to effectively clean a toilet what do you believe that is doing to your stomach and body? These objects must be eliminated; now in the beginning of my regime I adopted a very strict diet of simply eating fruits and vegetables along with fruit juices, which must be all natural of course. I started eating fish an object I completely detested and to this day still do, but within one week of starting this crazy diet I noticed improvement. All of my inflamed acne was gone and all that remained was simply the whiteheads. I began taking supplements to make up for the vitamins that I was not receiving through the fruits and vegetables. Cheese is a no. Fiber also became a staple of my diet and I began going to the bathroom at least once a day.

When it came to washing my face I simply used a Tea Tree Oil based cleanser that was all-natural and a moisturizer afterwards. Sunscreen was applied everyday and often. For specific blemishes I began using pure Tea Tree Oil and dabbing it on a cotton ball rubbed it on the affected area before I went to sleep at night. The differences were amazing to say the least!

After my acne facial I was prescribed tetracycline to take twice a day, I discontinued use of this pill. This takes me into my tangent on prescription medications for acne. I was prescribed accutane on two occasions, the first I stopped treatment after a month because of the serious side effects, I would get nosebleeds at least twice a day, could not even open my mouth without my lips starting to bleed and the constant headaches and dry skin made it not even worth the while. One must think if accutane can cause a person to become suicidal and suffer from depression is it really worth taking? Accutane is a toxin introduced into the body and the body reacts as such. The long term effects of accutane are well documented and some individuals never recover from it. It is a sad story indeed for a company to exploit acne sufferers who are desperate for any sort of cure. My second run-in with accutane occurred about a year ago and I was on the cycle for 4 months this particular time. This occasion I was still smoking marijuana in large amounts and combined with the accutane I began to have serious paranoia trips. This would result in me believing that everybody in the world was out to get me and that I could trust nobody around me. I also suffered a concussion from passing out after smoking while on accutane.

Now one may say I am one hard-headed individual and this much is true that I simply disregarded every kind of rule while being on a prescription drug and my lifestyle was simply not a smart one considering the acne situation I had. Regardless any sort of prescription medication is not helpful to the acne sufferer and now people may argue, but my acne cleared up after I used this. Well yeah, when you completely dry out your pores you aren’t going to have acne or any skin condition for that matter, but how do you expect your skin to heal itself without the presence of oil or collagen? These pores never return to their original size and the benefits of having oily skin i.e. less wrinkles at an older age are gone. Now hopefully one day science can conquer these skin mysteries and we no longer have to deal with these deformities, but until then we must deal with these situations accordingly. But, these prescription drugs are simply harmful to the body.

An extreme method to taking away acne would be to simply go on a fast of only fruits which causes diarrhea of course, but in effect would cleanse the system of all the toxins. Now there are many sites on the web that show a good diet to go on for acne and I will not get into the details I will simply say Google a few and decide which is best for you. I did not diet “hardcore†as some of these diets suggest and did indulge in on occasion and enjoyed, but for the most part I have stuck to my diet and to this day still do for the sheer fact that I feel better doing it.

Now let me go into a big component of my cleansing process which is the herbal tea. Now I know many individuals reading this quite possibly have never drunk tea in the entirety of their lives, but if one thing has helped me the most I can point to the tea. Tea is a natural laxative that stimulates the digestive system, one in particular is the one I use Yogi Detox Tea, which can be bought at the local supermarket for 5 dollars and it comes with 16 tea bags. When I began my treatment I would drink 3 glasses of this tea a day and now it is simply a habit to drink at least one a day before I sleep. This aids in the Detox process and is simply another tool used to assist the body in its Detox processes.

I also used Detox foot pads, while many people are skeptical to if these devices actually work and it is simply not wood vinegar turning a different color when the moisture of your foot is on it (which is the main argument I have heard) I can attest that after a month of use I would put it on my foot at night and the pad would come out clean in the morning. One also notices during the first week, the thickness of the material is different then in the latter weeks of the Detox phase.

Another supplement I used that really assisted was Oxy-Powder which is an oxygen based intestinal cleanser. Now I recommend staying home at least the first day you use this product because upon taking the pill you will began to go to the bathroom profusely. It is quite uncomfortable knowing you must run to the bathroom every time you feel anything, but in the stool you can notice the foul odor and materials floating around that are generally not in your stool lets you witness the release of excess fecal matter inside your body.

Another supplement that is handy would be the Para Cleanse. Our bodies contain parasites whether we know or not and on most occasions we do not know. These parasites affect the way our body processes food and causes constipation, fatigue and a slew of other physical conditions which I will not get into at this time. Cleansing the body in a full and complete way is what will lead to a clear face.

Now that I have illustrated the simple way I overcame acne I will go a bit into the emotional side of that situation. I fully understand as an acne sufferer that we feel different then most individuals and we constantly question why we are suffering from this disease and sometimes questioning in our lives if we have done something wrong and could it be a punishment from God? As an individual it may seem that way, because while people who have never had acne simply do not understand how it effects the individual inside. Any confidence and self-worth the individual had is gone because they feel as if this all they are judged by their facial appearance which they have done absolutely nothing to deserve it, but they are affected by this affliction in every aspect of life. One can not just simply hide their face from the world when they go about their lives. This leads to many acne sufferers avoiding many situations and living a restricted lifestyle because of the fact of how they perceive how others may feel about their situation. I can remember many times I was invited out to parties or clubs and I would simply deny the request saying I was too tired or I had homework when in reality I had nothing to do except play Xbox or be on the computer. As sad as this is to hear it is the complete truth and I hope people who have never suffered from acne open their eyes to the situation, it affects not only the physical, but emotional as well. Many people never recover from this experience, because their confidence has just been so deflated through this whole process. Now of course I understand I am a lucky individual, my confidence although clearly affected has remained intact through this whole ordeal because I channeled my talents into other areas. It is productive for the acne sufferer to simply take the time they do not want to be around the public eye and better themselves. I can not count the number of books I have read while I have been cooped up in my house and how much of a better individual I am now because of it. The amount of sheer knowledge I have amassed during these past eight months might be more then I have for the duration of my life. Acne is a temporary stage view it as such, and simply channel those emotions of anger and frustration into a productive action and tell yourself when you arrive back into the “normal†world so to speak you will arrive a better person then you left it. Take the time to assess what are your weaknesses and the personality traits you should develop, do not view things in a superficial manner as acne again is a temporary condition and while it may feel like an eternity it will pass.

Acne has been a blessing in disguise to me as much as it pains me to say because of all the money and anger that went into curing the situation. My one weakness in life was that I was conceited; I believed the sun should rise and set when I dictated it. I have become such a humble person now and I have learned that simply judging a person based on physical appearance is simply immature and childish. We must know that people that are obese suffer from this sort of torment everyday as well, overall ugly people should not be looked at differently because of their looks and should be looked at for the person they are inside and they can help you in life and how you can help them. I have turned into a friendly person now who can walk up to any individual regardless of appearance and have a simple conversation about how they are doing and just having a normal conversation. One does not know how much this can help a person, I know when I was suffering seriously from acne I felt as if everyone didn’t want to talk to me, but the few people that did I was so grateful for. I want to be able to give that back to these individuals that still suffer from acne and I hope this long writing can do that just a little bit.

In the present now, all I suffer from is hyperpigmination and the brown areas on my tan skin which is quickly fading with skin lightener. I will soon be writing another short paper on acne scars which is a whole other situation, but important as well. Acne scars make many people feel as if the battle will never end, but there is plenty of hope for that situation with advances in technology. I do not recommend the laser treatment under any circumstance however, that will be discussed in the next paper.

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