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Week Eleven: Day Seventy-Seven



Well the AHA+ did already bring my new zit to a head, and now its fading away the second day. I'm not even sure if I spot treated in the morning, I think I only used that stuff at night and its already helping. I also put on sunscreen. I'm pretty sure that's not the cause of my breakout. I don't really care when I itch my face now a days after being clear for a while so I'm guessing this is my cue to cut it out 'cause apparently its irritating my skin.

As for drama,...nothing has happened. I've been feeling insecure because of my weight lately, which is stupid because I'm at what is deemed "healthy". But I'm like, right on that line of becoming 'unhealthy'. Its hard to be healthy though when you don't buy your own food and you have so much homework and rehearsal you can't exactly put aside time to bike more then four or eight miles a day. Also I can't do the whole "bike to where you're going to!" deal with much results because I'm less then two miles from everywhere I need to go >. <

Leave it to me to find a disadvantage for this lovely location.

anyways once its four I'll have a bit less than three hours to do all my hw and take a shower so I should probably get to it. Blech. All I have to do is read and make flashcards but,...mrph :\ Theres A LOT of flashcards,.. XD

Also I can't guarantee progress picture for this week, if I do it'll probably come thursday instead of Wednesday since I don't have time to go home on Wednesday.


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