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Day 25- Muscle Pain



This morning at soccer I was afflicted with severe muscle pain in my right leg. I am really not happy about this. I know that muscle pain is a side effect but I was hoping that it is one that I would not have since I am pretty active. It killed all morning, but I did not want to tell the coach and sit out. I wasn't injured...

I made it through and went home and used a heating pad while I googled accutane and muscle pain. I went to class and it really did hurt bad all day long. I did not think I was going to b able to go to the gym this evening. I went anyway and jumped on the treadmill, I figured that this would be okay since this morning the REAL pain was when I would kick the ball and just running on it was not so bad. It wasn't the most pleasant at first, but then I got kinda angry and decided that I was gonna push it. Two miles later and covered in sweat: my leg pain was gone. I think it dissipated after the first 1/2 mile, would kinda ache a bit here and there and then was gone. I did squats, then abs and now I am home -> and again using the heating pad. <<please note that I do not recommend anyone pushing their body if they are in pain>> This very well may back fire on me and I may not be able to move tomorrow morning! But if I just need to run it out to get the pain to stop, then I'll be damned if I am not gonna be running all the time.

My skin: Looks pretty good, I am trying not to pick so stuff is healing pretty well. I can see all the little guys under the skin and feel the uneven texture, but I am leaving them alone. My neck is pretty gross with a bunch of little guys. And the hyper pigmentation is still there from all the guys past...

Side effects: chapped lips ( i keep them really well moisturized, but sometimes whole big pieces of skin will all of a sudden peel off of my lips, luckily they are not dry and it doesn't hurt), I have began noticing blood every time I blow my nose --> no bloody noses yet just little blood clots in my snot.

Weird stuff: this sore stuff is for the birds! I also had a stiff neck for the past two days, but I think I slept on it funny, cause I woke up with it...

Still having salt cravings, trying and failing to resist the salty snack urge....

No more weird dreams

I go in on friday to get my month 2 prescription!! I am keeping my fingers crossed that I haven't totally killed my liver and all my blood work comes back okay to continue...


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