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Day 95



Saw the Doc last week. She decided that i should go higher so up i went.

Not particularly happy about being bumped up to now 80mg.. started at 40... I do recall her telling me that usually a patient doesn't go higher in mg than they weigh in kg. Well atleast i have a certain flare to me. Who cares if my acne is bad if i can be a special case anyways right? haha.

Anywho, as expected, but much more severe this time around, serious dryness. Now on the forehead aswell when before it was focused around the chin and jawline. Ran out of lotion a few days ago but snagged a full supply again today. Applying lotion is definitely a daily routine. Usually around 4-5 times a day. This makes me think back to when i used to not use lotion when my skin was dry because i was afraid it made my skin worse, now i can't even express in words how thankful i am for it.

On another note, one of my friends (the same one who recommended Blistex DCT which is working awesome by the way!) has been on 40mg his whole treatment. This guy is atleast 5 inches taller than me and weighs 20-30lbs more. I don't really recall his skin before his treatment, but his mom (a nurse i believe) says that a low dosage can be just as effective as a higher one, and this kid swears by it. I would say his face is looking 100% clear. I think he is closing off his sixth month in a few more weeks. Can't wait to be where he is at and i hope i get the same results.

As it is finally hitting me, acutane hasn't been too terribly bad. It's the worst right after you get on it, or get bumped up a dosage, however apart from that it's just kind of a daily routine. So long as you don't pick too much (or not at all as the docter suggests.. but like that is gonna happen) and you remember to apply lotion and chapstick whenever you get the faintest dry-feeling, it isn't too life-changing. Sure muscle aches and all that jazz come with it, but nothing too extreme. I think the worst part is the werid looks i get when i squeeze my lotion out of a little tube and apply it liberally all over my body after showering in the locker room haha.

Anywho apart from being bumped up again not too much has changed. I feel like im getting less breakouts a week but that could just be a mental thing. I have been in a great mood all the time lately and you know that they say before you can look good you must feel good. So for everyone out there also on this journey, chin up! 6 months is only 1/144 of the average persons life and it's all for the best! :shhh:


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