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Week Eleven: Day Seventy-Six



Ok I feel better now ^.^ I've gotten used to the new drama. Cool part is as far as these lows go, . . . they can't go any lower so the only thing that can happen soon is for something GOOD to become of them, or for nothing at all to change. I'm fine with that really too, since I'm used to it now and know how to handle it. There may be a few more rough spots but otherwise I think I can do better then I have been doing.

Also I've been going through this pattern of waking up and feeling sick then feeling better by the end of the day. I think its cause of the walking and participation in gym I've been doing. I read somewhere that light exercise benefits the kind of illness I've been plagued with for a while. The reason why I was relapsing was because I was doing hard exercises, like track workouts.

Also my skin isn't doing so well. I got a new zit on my cheek. But it provides a nice contrast so I see how much my dark spots have actually improved. I think its almost the end of month three,...so as one can see my acne is VERY persistent. Sometimes I feel like starting accutane. Anything to get rid of constant breakouts,..plus is five bucks a month, two pills a day, and will get rid of my acne EVERYWHERE. I'd LOVE that. But I hate the idea of never being able to participate in a sport due to joint discomfort. Oh whatever. As long as I can afford the regimen I'll work on getting better at it. My issue is avoiding irritation and putting on the treatment more slowly.


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