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immortal zit



I've been keeping from probing my face to check for new pimples (for the past month) because I haven't wanted to go insane. But I did so this morning, after - get this - trying a new skincare regimen. I haven't done that in YEARS, but I have these high-end samples that are going to waste because I hate experimenting on my skin. I used an md formulations glycolic wash last night, which was weirdly thick - it felt almost like cold cream and was hard to rinse off, but gets great reviews on MUA, so I dunno. After that I used a Skinceuticals serum, I think I have the Phloretin CF, which is supposed to even out skin tone and help fade hyperpigmentation. People have reported seeing results really quickly, which is good, because this stuff is ludicrously expensive and because I only have a sample tube. :shhh:

Verdict? Skin doesn't look any better, but I didn't expect it to. While washing my face today I did check for lurkers, and that zit I've had on my left cheek is STILL THERE. We're going on six months or more now, people. It shows no signs of going away, though it shrinks and expands according to my stress levels (I think). It's gross.

I also appear to have some sort of new pimple on my left cheek near that lurker; I can't tell if it's a normal zit or an epic one yet. Apart from those, a couple of small zits on the left cheek as well, and enlarged pores on the nose (again) which are clogging up (again). I have a bottle of MB seaweed toner I think I'll start using just on the nose.

That's about it.


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