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Day 100 You are Here!



Wow Day 100, can't believe it! So that puts me on week 14.

The derm predicted 6 months for me so lets see...80 more days? More than half-way there! Seems like a long way to go, but these 100 days have been fast enough!

And GUESS WHAT!? I haven't broken out in over a week--that is a record my friends!

I am not 100% clear, due to those stubborn patches that I have mentioned before (between eyebrows and near ear on each jawbone) but no new pimples makes me happy :shhh: and even the stubborn patches are cooperating so my face is pretty happy!

I have been noticing the dryness a lot more now--luckily my allergies have calmed down so my eyes are not constantly blood shot, but as far as my body is concerned I wish I could get a bathtub full of moisturizer to soak in! I'm sick of that prickly feeling all over my body!

However, despite dryness, I am looking up :shhh: I am feeling more myself now too now that I'm not on yaz--the medication of death or at least despair. I have never felt more insane than those 3 months of hormonal hell!

So with hormones under control, and a clear face I bid thee good night!


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