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Still staying hopeful



So still trying to be gentle, it is hard when you need to move fast. I just wish this regimen didn't take so long to do.

Anyways my flakiness and dryness has appeared more near eyes and forehead, right by the eyebrows. But it isn't that bad. And i still have some on chin. Cheeks are doing better.

I still have the pimple on the nose which is healing kind of weird. I have some tiny ones on forehead. You cant see them but i can feel them.

I haven't used any AHA or jojoba oil in awhile, so i think that is helping.

I am also trying really hard not to pick my face but with little flakes near my eyes, I can't help it.

Anyways I am going to try my best not to touch my face.

No pimples, just some red marks. But i think I am going to lay of the AHA till the weather becomes consistent. Ill just try to let those heal on their own. Ill just let the makeup cover that up.

I guess as long as i have no pimples and no dry skin i am happy. My skin will probably never be perfect with no red marks or hyper pigmentation, but that is what makeup is for. Even if i did have perfect skin i would probably wear makeup anyways.


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