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*Day 1*



*DAY 1*

I'm going to call this day one as it's the start of my blog! However, I have been using BP for about 2 weeks daily, plus on and off for a few weeks before that so my skin is already used to it (hopefully!).

Just want to start by saying that I'm doing this blog as a way of just getting it off my mind! It's so hard not having anyone to talk to about it; its the usual thing, nobody I know seems to have problems with acne, whether they hide it or not I'll never know though! I suppose I am also keen to track how everything's going for my own sake; always seem to lose track of how long I've been going with it or how thing's are improving (or not...).

And if it helps others in their own quest for clear skin then that's all the better!! :shhh:


WASH - Currently, I mainly wash with just water in the shower. If my skin gets dry or flaky from the BP I use a wash-cloth to gently exfoliate. I also use a salicylic acid wash once or twice a week which helps to clean down into the pores.

TREAT - I am using Quinoderm 10% cream. It's amazing stuff. I don't get how it is 10% as it doesn't irritate at all or cause over redness. Compared to 2.5% Panoxyl I used before (a few years ago) its sooo mild. So I use this 2-3 times a day (as stated in the instructions) depending on how dry my skin is. Most days it copes with 3 applications with ease.

MOISTURISE - I use Aveeno daily moisturising lotion 15 minutes after applying the BP.

I also occasionally swap my night application of BP with mandelic acid serum to fight blackheads.


So, as I said I have been going for about 2 weeks with this regimen and things are looking great. Before I had around 5-10 spots on each cheek at any given time (mainly along jawline), a few on my chin, and some on my forehead. Probably a total on my face of between 15-30 at a time. It wasn't overly bad, mild to moderate I would say. But I had a lot of red marks all the time as spots died, while new ones constantly formed.

Now, I have just 2 active spots!!! They both formed around the 1.5 week mark. Large inflamed bumps - 1 on my chin and 1 on my forehead.

I also have a few old spots on my left cheek from before I started - not active but still slightly dry red raised areas.

My right side is totally clear!! (touch wood!). Just a couple of red marks that are quickly fading.

One thing I can say is that my skin is so much smoother and the skin tone looks a lot better. At first my whole face was quite red and angry looking - in the second week (towards the end of it) my whole face calmed down and the overall colour/tone looks a lot better now.


I am very keen to try an AHA lotion - either Alpha Hydrox AHA Enhanced Lotion or Dan's AHA+. I will buy this when I have the money! lol.

The Quinoderm is a great find!! It contains (as well as the BP) lactic acid and castor oil, both good ingredients in fighting acne.

I am very happy at how its all going! :cry: My skin feels amazing and hopefully soon it will look amazing!

Feel free to comment, it would be great to hear from others and get some feedback! :shhh:


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Hey Dan,I am keeping track of this blog because I really want to try Dan's Regimen and I am so interested. You did say that your face in the beginning was angry. I am guessing it was red and flaky? How long did this redness and flakiness last?My second question is, I finished accutane 2 months ago but I am still experiencing redness and breakouts sometimes (I had 2 breakouts in these total 2 months). I am starting to think that accutane hasnt worked for me =(I am keen to try this regimen. Do you think it would be okay for me to do so when I just finished accutane 2 months ago and need to leave my skin to heal? What is your opinion about this?Looking forward for your sincerest replyThank youFeel free to email me on acne.org =)

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