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3 weeks since i finished



Its been about 3 weeks since i finished.

Lips are only slightly chapped, I haven't been putting anything on them.

Face, i use the cetaphil with moisturized face wash and that's pretty much good enough. Once my face did start to turn white a few weeks ago. For the most part, the moisturizer in the face wash lasts me the entire day. At night, a little bit of lotion helps, but if i'm staying in, I don't bother.

Skin in general is still paper thin. It scratches off fairly easily.

In the past 3 weeks, had about 4 pimples. All tiny. They went away with in 2 days. Popped 1 and it left no mark.

tendonitis in ankles is still there, but not as bad. Toes stopped hurting.


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