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I thought I'd never abandon the org even if I cleared up, and here I am barely checking back even though I'm not clear. Ridiculous. I think it's mostly that I was searching for solutions then... now I know that pretty much one thing works, and I don't want to bother with that other stuff.

I don't even know how long I've been off Accutane at this point, but I'm going to wager about a month or more. My skin already looks very different - patchy, uneven, ruddy, and it's even starting to break out. They're 'zit' type pimples, but come on now... it's only been a month. Can't I at least get a damned year of clear skin before the breakouts return? I mean, jeez. When is enough enough?

The other day, someone suggested my skin could be reacting to a thyroid disorder or something. Apparently my tiredness and such indicates that there could be something wrong in that respect. Which means I'm going to get a blood panel done in the future to see exactly what's going on.

I've been insanely, insanely busy of late so I keep skipping my derm appointments - I've missed two so far. I think they're pissed. I'm going to make another one next week and hopefully see my derm in a timely manner. I miss being on Accutane, weird as that sounds.

One perk, though? I really do think it was contributing to my exhaustion. I got myself a really good sleep aid, started cutting back on the caffeine and have been walking a lot more lately - and it's been working well for me. Case in point: I slept four hours the other night and was alert all day, apart from my usual morning slump. Awesome. But boring to read for everyone.

I'm really happy to not be feeling so tired all the time. It is a huge perk.


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