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rocket baby doll


ok so yesterdy friday 3-26-10 i recieved dans regimen in the mail and i started using it

i dont really like the way it smells

yeah its supposed to be fragrance free but to me it smells like wet rags and i really dont want my face smelling like that

actually it smells like undeoderized armpit hahaha

but i know ill get used to it

i used to use witch hazel and that smelled weird too

and also acv and we all know that smells really nice hehe

i think its the moisturizer

i hope im the only who smells it

after im done with that moisturizer im sure to get another different one

maybe skin md natural

but i heard it is quite a bit expensive xP


my skin for today is not all that bad just really oily right now x(

ive got a few slightly big pimples on the sides of my face and a few blackheads around the nose area

no more whiteheads for now...lets see how long that lasts haha

ill see if dans regimen improves my skin

if not then ...i guess ill return it

it cost me like 50 dollars so i think ill only buy the bp if it works

i really like the cleanser

my face felt clean but not really tight and i liked that alot


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