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Worse than ever....



Sooo, 3 weeks down on the differin and AHA and after travelling around random places in China on 4hour + journeys I am feeling a little rubbish as I have had no time for exercise or any nice healthy home-cooked foods! But, I'm now back home (as of 1am last night) I'm gonna get back on it as I feel like i'm about to get ill (I always get sick if i'm not exercising or eating well!).

Luckily I've not had much time to look in mirrors as my skin is shocking. The back of my jawline and my cheek bones have broken out badly - really big cysts... I can't even cover it with make-up :cry: I don't think it's been this bad since I was around 22 and came off the BCP's... :dance: The North of China is much drier than where i live so had problems with dry itchy skin too and may need to have a day or so off the Differin... I wanted to last week but every night I kept putting it on (although i did miss the really itchy areas) as I am thinking that dry skin is a small price to pay if it gets rid of this breakout it has caused.

Differin: Applying everyday but maybe sometimes more than a pea-sized amount. Should make sure I control this... Lots of blocked pores coming to the surface and even have a small breakout on forehead of small bumps which is my least problem area. Jawline:V bad - cysts, Cheek bones: Bad, few cysts and many smaller spots. :shhh: Nose does look like it has less blackheads though. Red, itchy (excema like) patches on lower neck so I have not been applying there for the last few days....

AHA: Forgot to apply last two nights due to travelling and exhaustion hehe! Had a very small breakout on back and some small bumps on chest but still better than before. Really pleased with it. No irritation at all! :clap:

Picking: No time to.

Alcohol: No time to..

Exercise/Diet: Unfortunately, a whole week of greasy (but very yummy!) chinese food and no exercise apart from walking a lot around factories and cities.. Did try to eat lots of veg and suppose diet has been very varied!

Vitamins: Ran out of zinc and can't find them anywhere.... :shhh: I do think they help with the healing process so neeeed to get some....

Also another note to self, need to get the mother to send over some bio oil for the red marks!

Ciao All! :shifty:


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