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i am new acne.org and so far i really like it. it has been a safe place for me to come, knowing that i will not be judged here. this is place of hope, support, and ideas. i never really stuggled with acne growing up. i would get the occasional pimples here or there and my only problem i really had was acne on my shoulders through high school, but that did not last for too long. for some reason, however, i never had much confidence.

when i was about 18 i started taking birthcontrol (ortho tri-cyclen lo) because of PCOS (polycystic) and have been taking them ever since. i am now (recently) 24 yrs old. over the past few years i would get these random red bumps that werent acne around my eyes that didnt last long and would come and go every so often so i didnt think much of them. but just recently, however, they started getting worse and last summer i broke out in these bad rashes around my eyes and after months of driving myself crazy trying to figure out what was causing it, i finally got in to see a dermatologist and they thought it was my birth control (they were cyclic and would get better when i was on my "reminder" pills). so i stopped taking it last december and sure enough it has gotten much better.but of course now i am breaking out like never before. its def. hormonal because its only only on the sides of my face and around my jaw/chin. i have been using clearasil ultra daily face wash for while with the salicylic acid which was fine when i was on the pills but now that i am off of them, it isnt doing much and i am at my wits end! i mentioned i have never had the best self-image and over he past few years i felt like i was really making progress and becoming more confident but this has been a huge set back. i have been really depressed and havnt been wanting to get out and socialize and just have fun. so after coming here and reading many different stories and dans regimen i decided i was going to try it. i have always been hesitant to use benzoyl peroxide again - i used it in high school a little while but it bleached my clothes/towels- but i am desperate. i have decided to try a diff birthcontrol to see if i have the same reaction but i need something to tie me over before i can start on that (have to wait another 2 weeks or so). so i went to the store and bought neutrogenas on the spot BP treatment. several days ago i started putting it on my face, only at night to start off with. the first few days have been rough. my skin is really tight, red, irritated and itchy. it feels like a sunburn and the texture feels weird too. i dont know if this is normal? but the + side is i feel like my acne is healing and not many new ones are forming! so i will stick it out a little longer to see if the redness and itchyness subside. i really hope so! this is my regimen...


the body shop tea tree facial wash

neurogena sensitive skin face lotion


the body shop tea tree facial wash

neutrogena sensitive skin face lotion

neutrogena on-the-spot BP

oh and only doing it at night is nice because i just make sure i have white pillow cases/ sheets and that i wear a junky tshirt to bed so no worries about bleaching my clothes!

till next time - jenn


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