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well I quit with Epiduo and cetaphil as I saw that I was getting pimples around my temple, don't know what it was, but i could not get rid of them... I switch back to proactive gentle formula but it seem make my skin seem more oily...My skin is ridiculous oily as it is. I tend to wash 3 times or i will get pimples.

So far it has work but i am getting some small pimples, my face seems toooooo oily and i tend to wipe some of that off but it may make it worse..

Using the 3 step program gentle proactive but may switch to regular or use them both...i am sooo confused and depress, angry too...i can't find a product that works for me and that does not irritate my face..

on the good note the salicytic acid helps with the pores and rejuvenation that is why I wouldn't want to leave it.

Please advice somebody that has oily skin on the T zone worse and all over the face bad.


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