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Day 20- it is so flippin' nice out



I can't believe it is day 20 already! I have an appointment next Friday to get my month 2 prescription and blood work done. I am worried about my liver function and all that coming back good since I definitely drank a lot over Spring Brake!! We'll see!!

My skin: Is looking pretty good. My nose was peeling a ton so I stopped wearing makeup there cause it just made it look worse --> now it seems to have stopped peeling (for now) and my nose looks great. NO BLACKHEADS! Which are usually permanent residents in every pore on my nose!! I do have a new guy that just grew on my forehead last night, but I am so happy about my nose, I don't really care. I also have some big guys still healing on my chin, other than that it looks pretty good!! My chest is still broken out and there are still big blackheads there, I can cover that mess with t-shirts though so no biggie!

Side effects: Dry skin, and lips. It is making me wear less face make up though, so maybe this is a good side effect? Super dehydrated, drinking lots of water. Can't pay attention to my homework and studying endeavors, but I am very good at procrastination and it is beautiful out so that may be to blame as well!!

Weird stuff: Holy salt cravings Batman!! I seriously am considering putting a salt lick (like the ones for deer) outside of my room so I can just have a lick every time I walk by!! It is super bad, and I am not a girl that adds salt to anything so it is even more odd. I google searched salt carvings and found that is it from dehydration and is common in athletes. This makes sense--> I am dehydrated from the tane and it is also worse when I get home from working out. I think I will hold off on the salt lick for now, and since I know why my body wants salt, I will just try to kill the craving with more water.

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OMG!! I thought I was the only one!! I wanted to swallow a bottle of salt!!!!!! So, dehydration, huh :)

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