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makeup and flakiness



so yesterday i had my interview and i had to put makeup on and it looked ok, not too dry looking.

But when i took off all my makeup at night and did the whole routine my face looks flakier and drier. And i woke up and i was flaky and the past few days my face looked fine. I wonder why after i wear makeup it would make my face drier.

Anyways, i am still not going to try anything new yet. But ill have to put makeup on again today. I will probably go to the store and see how much cerave costs and get blush.

In other words the pimple on forehead and the pimples on cheeks are gone. i think i only have 3 pimple right now, and the big one i had is still working its way down :shhh:

I may look at some drugstore makeup for dry skin. Paula Begoun had a list of department store and drugstore makeup for dry,normal and combo skin that has spf. if anyone wants the url just let me know. I love her recommendations


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