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Long absence..



Not sure if that's how you spell absence. Ah well.

I was trying to put some photos up on this bolg, but seems a little tricky.

Come back to this blog becasue basically my skin is back to square one. I haven't written in here for ages for a number of reasons but the biggest has to be I've been back and forth to the hospital these past few months, trying to treat a problem that's now finally been diagnosed: ulcerative colitis.

Wikipedia it if you want...but it's meant I've found the winter really tough. And becuase I've been so anxious - the not knowing what's wrong with me was horrible - I've been stressed. And weh nI'm stressed...oh my acne decides to come out and play.

I'm 22, and only since maybe summer last year I started getting neck acne. Looking at the message boards, it seems a common phenomenon amongst women in their early twenties.

By neck I mean just below the jawline - sometimes on it aswell - from the ear to the chin. These spots tend to be a lot sorer and sensitive than any I get on my face.

My face isn't perfect, but most of it's old scarring. I tend to get more if I don't sleep properly or wear too much make up. My neck is the main problem area.

So...I'm trying the regime again. From by blog it looks like I only stuck to it a couple of weeks, but I did stick to it for a while longer! I promise!

But now I know what's wrong with me illness wise, I feel like I'm more in control. And actually ulcerative colitis tends to get worse with stress for me, so i'm trying to find find ways of preventing myself getting too wound up.

I don't know why I find it so hard to be completely contented. I've got a lovely boyfriend, live in a great city, have really nice housemates...I need to learn to try and stop worrying so much and enjoy myself.

Wish me luck!


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