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Week 8: Retin A



Wow..so I've missed a few weeks of blogging. Four weeks to be exact, and that's quite a bit. I hate that I've missed that much because I can't really remember the changes that took place during that time. I can, however, tell you how my skin is doing on week 8; exactly two months of Retin-a!

So, this week I am home for Spring Break. I came in late on a Friday night, so I didn't really see my family when I got in. The next morning, the first thing my mom commented on was my skin. She told me that it looked really clear, almost perfect. I had just come out of the shower, and had no makeup on, so that was quite a compliment!

So, now to really analyze my skin...It's not perfect. I still have sprinkles of tiny, tiny whiteheads here and there. My forhead, though I still have large pores, is completely clear. The right side of my face is completely clear. My chin is also completely clear of any whiteheads, but still a few blackheads. However, the left side of my face...I don't know why my left side gives me so many problems!! I have a cluster of whiteheads right at the top of my cheek bone, and I have four medium sized pimples around my jaw. I'm going to go ahead and say that those around my jaw are there for hormonal reasons. I never got these when I was on Yaz!

Now that my skin is really clearing, I can see that I have some really light scarring. Actually, I don't know if It's actually called scarring. It's tiny, pin prick, red marks, that are easily covered with a little makeup. My goal is to absolutely lose the makeup for the summer. So PLEASE! If anyone has any suggestions for getting rid of red marks, please let me know!

Oh yeah! I should probably also mention that I started using clinique three step as well. I had talked about it before. I didn't really want it for getting rid of acne as much as just having a good skin care system. I'm using the third strength for oily skin, and I really like it. I think it has improved my skin tone by a ton.Basically,I just do my three step at night. Wait an hour, and then put on my Retin-a. In the morning, I just do the three step again, and then put on sunscreen. Seems to work for now. Who knows, I may find something I like better as far as skin care goes sometime though.

Now that I've written a book! I think I will go! Hopefully, I will keep up with this a little better for now on!


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