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Week Ten: Day Seventy. My life flipped.



Skin's doing great. I feel pretty, yadda yadda. For some reason I don't care much about that right now.

My life flipped itself on its head.

My band director is retiring this year.

. . .

This brings about a lot of feelings. He's been teaching at the school for a long time,...before I was even old enough to play in the elementary band. I remember him actually talking to me at our concert (in elementary) about going to his highschool. It seems like so many people are aging,.. friends I've known for more than half my life are getting their licenses, my dad's students are now off out of school in the working world or in a big school, . . . my cousins are in college already. My granddad's dead. So is his dog,...he loved cheese v.v (the dog). Its so weird,...my dad's nearly half a century and my mom's approaching over the hill.

I don't want things to change,...v.v I like this,...maybe if I would change anything I'd have my grandfather alive and his dog alive again.

I already have happiness though,...I don't need to look for it.

I also quit track today. The coach was very understanding about it.

Gawd. When I feel like this I just wanna hug everyone >.< Its so,...idk

This song sort of helps describe the way I feel.

It makes me want to hold on to the people I love and never let go.

To keep everything the way it is,...T_T

Though the best I can do is be nice and respectful and accept my fate.

I have to age.

Everyone else has to age.

We all have to die.

and this one:

I should get this sound track someday,...


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