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Week Ten: Sixty-Nine



My skin's doing fine. Not much to report. Still have dark spots. Faded a bit, easily flake on forehead. Skin is pleasantly warm looking without make up :shhh: Less redness in face, getting closer to the color of my neck.

And I did track today. It was actually EASY!! I kept up! I was like the fourth one! xD

All that worrying too. We even did polymetrics, the hurdles were easier with two feet than I remember them being!!!!

I like running with a lot of freshmen SOO much more then seniors. I mean,...I'm actually competing with other people that aren't varsity yet, like me :shhh:

Problem is I feel pretty sick. I'm not coughing mucus but I can feel it. If I'm not careful I could easily relapse. So I'm going to try my best to finish ALL my homework before seven, and then I'll shower and eat dinner and do hygiene.

Also my mom brought up the prospect of joining the military band. I'd never thought about it before.

I did think about doing something before college,...like backpacking throughout Europe or something.

But I'd be leaving a lot of friends :cry:

Well, I guess I don't have many CLOSE friends

But idk, I could write letters, right?

I guess I'd be afraid because the military is TOUGH. You learn how to survive. I'm not sure if I'd favor some guy/girl yelling at me 'COME ON YOU MAGGOT' while I'm struggling through push up number fifty or something. :\ Maybe I'm falling into stereotypes too much. Idk

I know my dad wouldn't like it. Or maybe he would. I'm going to keep quiet about it for a while. Anything my mom says is crap with him. It makes it really hard to keep a good relationship with her because I feel like I'm supposed to disregard everything she says like he does. (divorced, they live in different states) I hate that. I don't know WHATS right anymore with them two. One minute my mom tells me something, the next my dad tells me another. He doesn't often SAY what she says is crap but you can tell,..he kust kinda goes 'ehw, ugh, bla, well I don't want anything to do with it'


Oh, father. v.v


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