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DAY 168: Photos



Just a quick one, peoplings, to bust out some photographs. I did some cheeky comparison shots too.

Left side

Right side

Then I thought, "I wonder if any of my scarring (pock marks, eugh) have gone down, so I took this photo (WITH make up on, please note).

Then I compared it to one I had taken a little over a month ago (also with make up on) at a time when I'd declared how bad it was, and thought, "Ooh, it's improved loads," before realising that lighting most likely played a significant part in proceedings. So I took another photo, but this time tried to get as much shadow on the bastardish craters as I possibly could, and then compared it to the photo from over a month ago, producing this photo. There still seems to be a difference in shadowplay, although I do believe I should have achieved some sort of award for my efforts towards trying to capture the very same angle. Either way, I would like to believe the scarring has improved. What do you think?

Oh, I just showed Pedro the before and after photos and he said, "Why one's which?" Oh, what a funny, funny guy.

Aaand, here are some other pictures that have absolutely nothing to do with acne at all.

Soup I made from heirloom carrots (some are bright purple) and potatoes.

Paintings my friend and I did to be auctioned off for a local cat rescue (mine are the ones on the right). Believe it or not, together we raised a few hundred dollars.

Screenshot of an awesome drawing game for the iPhone that I would urge everyone to try out. It's free and ridiculously addictive.


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