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Dream a lil dream



So ya, since I started my accutane course I have to say I've been having some messed up dreams. Can't even explain it, they are just sooo real and I can remember all of them, like 2 or 3 a night. Sometimes I can't even differentiate between life and dreams until I've been awake for a while. Just thought I'd share, anyone else experience this? :shhh:

Last night was a good night though, I washed my face, crawled into bed and didn't feel anything. I hate the way acne looks, but I also royally hate how it feels. When I eat, smile, talk, laugh I can feel the cysts, the pimples and they hurt! Its a constant reminder that they are still there!

As of today, I have no active acne, everything seems to be healing. My skin is still very red and blotchy looking, but I think that it will even out more down the road and hopefully once I can get a bit of sun on my face.

Other then my apparent paleness and random dreaming I have nothing else to report today


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