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Well, it's back ...but not that bad



So I've been off accutane since July and the pill since September and I've started to break out again.

My acne is clearly hormonal and comes just before my period. However, it's just a few (3-5) little whiteheads here and there - nothing compared to before accutane. It's a little annoying because I was so used to being clear and not worrying about my skin. I've started to use salicyclic acid again day and night. We are still trying to have a baby so I can't use anything else (like Differin or go back on the pill).

Oh well! As I said, it's nothing like it was before accutane when I had tons of deep cysts and big whiteheads. It's just annoying little pimples but I realize that it's totally hormonal so there's not much I can do but hope that I get pregnant soon!


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