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one year post accutane!!



alright its been almost a year off accutane! the drug did work wonders. i havent had actual acne in awhile (that last post was me PMSing and it was just not a good face time). i do get regular pimples still unfortunatly but not at all as bad as it was pre-accutane. they are easy to cover up and my cheeks are shiny and clear. and my face hardly gets oily its amazing! my hair though is back to its normal self- oily after 2 days, whereas on accutane i could go for at least 5 days without washing it (i never actually did but if i wanted to i could!). so all of you out there who are holding back form going on the drug, or are on the drug now and are having major doubts- HOLD TIGHT! the best is yet to come. i cant say its perfect, cuz i have yet to expereince a whole month of not one pimple ( i cant wait for that time to come) but i am very happy with the clearer skin i have now. :shhh:


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