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Week Ten: Sixty-Eight



So I started coughing mucus again. Not as bad but its there. And then I did two thirty second planks, like ten pushups (>w< weeaaak), and then ran two miles for the hell of it. My thumb randomly twitches now and I'm pretty exausted. (Fastest I've gone but I stopped inbetween miles to stretch). It makes me feel like I don't have an excuse to quit track. I feel GOOD! REALLY GOOD!

I may be the most out of shape person, or not. There are freshmen that were way out of shape compared to me at the beginning. Maybe now we're on the same level. Okay not way out of shape but they were like,..walking on the perimeter a couple times when it was easy for me to go the whole way. It probably wouldn't be now but I like a challenge! Its easier to push myself when other people are watching,...I can use my superficiality to get back in shape! :shhh: lol

The only issues really are making up gym credits and having to miss mondays every now and then.

I gotta try and go back. I thought last time it would be way hard but, . . . it wasn't. Maybe I'm making it bigger then it is. I want to go back. I can manage my time better then before,...

I'm sure I'll be able to work with my gym teacher too on making stuff up.

So I can do it.

All I have to do is hope I don't relapse again. :\

Which I can fight by taking vitamins, eating right, getting plenty of rest, and only running during training, gym, and gym make ups. I won't run on the weekends unless I feel up to it.

I enjoy exercising.

I don't need track to do that.

But I'm going to at least try, and I'll worry about quitting another day :shhh:

Also, as far as drama goes,.

I'm giving up. I don't care what happens anymore.

I'm drained. I feel like nothing matters anymore. It doesn't matter if I quit track.

Now I feel like quitting. Great! I couldn't find resolve if it kicked my ass!


Well anyways, my skin is doing great. It looks awesome after I'm all sweaty from a run.


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