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Day 36 on 60mg Middle of the night



Mood: :shhh:

Day: 36

I don't feel much of a difference being on 60mg from 30mg just yet... except....in the middle of the night I wake up 3-4 times feeling soooo dry. It feels like I've been sleeping with my mouth open the whole night! hee hee =) My nightly routine is this:

Wake up at 2am drink a glass of water- go to the washroon

Wake up at 4am same thing

Wake up at 6am same thing...

If i don't drink water in the middle of the night, i feel like my lungs are drying out...it may be all in my head, but i really feel water deprived at night. Also my lips are getting more and more dry. I used to put my lip balm once at night but i find that I need to reapply it at least twice during the night. Strange thing is my face isn't so dry as expected....

I've recently purchased Palmer's cocoa butter with Vit E stick, it's suppose to be used for blemishes, marks, chapped lips etc. basically a general, all over stick. I've never seen it before and I thought I'd buy it and give it a try. It works great on chapped lips and i've been using it on my reaccuring rash on the top of my hands but if ur going to use it on ur face, it's really greasy...and i think it plugs the pores too. I personally didn't like it on my face. But it's a nice product bc u can use it almost everywhere! I recently went shopping and I realized while i was trying on clothes that even though I feel like an ugly duckling now, later on, I just know I'm going to turn into a confident beautiful swan. It sounds conceited and it probably is, but I'm sure many of you who are taking accutane are thinking the same thing. In the change room I remember looking at my self in the mirror and thinking that this moment of stressing over my skin will all be gone in 5 months time....might else just enjoy it right? hah

I'm not sure what happened in the changeroom that made me feel so positive and optimistic but I wish I could just sprinkle the joy to all of u who are feeling down.


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