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Background and New Beginnings



Let's see....where do I begin. I've had acne since...well...since I can remember really. I think I started breaking out when I was 10/11 and then it just steadily got worse and worse as I got older. Within the last 2 years it has progressed from mild to severe [complete with cysts!! YAY! >.<] I've tried almost every combination of the "drug store cocktail" as I like to call it. You know, when you mix and match products hoping to blindly stumble onto the perfect remedy. It never worked out well for me. I was on Retinal-A for a while, but it made my skin super flaky and did not help my acne. I did proactive a while back, and it did not help me either. I even tried Murad, which actually made my skin worse.

I've started using the regime this website suggests. We'll see how it works out. I guess I'm just hoping that at some point the trial and error dilemma of trying to find something that gives me clear skin will eventually happen. I'm still hopeful though, just frustrated with the lack of changes.


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