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Day...who the hell knows?



Hello my acne ridden buddies!

I am going to sit here for a minute and try to find out what day it is.....somewhere in the 40s....im pretty sure its day 43 or maybe 44. Ok well any way i haven't written one of these for what seems like forever. I guarantee i can give a million excuses including midterms, spring break..etc. however i of course will not do that :shhh: I am resolved to update more when i get back to school just like i am resolved to do all my homework and study more..we'll see how it works out. Anyway i was looking at my first set of pictures and i could not believe my face looked that bad.. and i considered it to not be an I.B!!! Like i've probably said before my face is mostly scars but i had a bunch of huge active ones at the time and my face just looked really really bad!

THE BAD-I have a pimple right by my left eye now that has effectively caused my entire eyelid to swell which is oh so much fun. And the right side of my lip is doing that crack back thing again. I have a rash on my arms and especially my hands and the back of me ankle is constantly sore. Little patches of my face get really dry especially when a pimple is there making it very difficult to cover with makeup.

THE GOOD- Im feeling more optimistic than i have for a while and like i said before am more resolved to go back to school and change my major and be the responsible adult i know i should be. The unfortunate part of my two-month long "quasi-depression" are that i let my grades slip and now have some SERIOUS catching up to do. Also my hair never gets greasy anymore i only wash it like 2-3 times per week, and even though i do still get pimples they are small!!! which is something i never experienced before. it''s kinda funny that im grateful for such a silly thing but having big huge cysts all the time is the worst- the trade off is nice. OOO i also lost 10 pounds.. or rather i did before spring break, we'll see when i get back to school and my ever looming scale how much i've managed to keep off. But regardless of the numbers i see when i get back i plan on continuing to lose weight and get back into shape for the summer when my skin will finally look nice!!!!

It's nice to see that i have more positives than negative i was beginning to think i was going to permanently reside in that little rut of mine!

I hope all my acne buddies are doing well despite the fact that i've been neglecting you! :shhh:

~Dorothea Allsmiles19


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