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Day 15 - if my liver could talk it would say...



Day 15

If my liver could talk it would say f*** you cortney!! I am just wrapping up spring brake week, I have gotten no school work done what so ever. The only thing I have gotten off of my to-do list is to see a bunch of my friends that I have not seen in a while cause I am usually so busy with school. Unfortunately, for some reason getting together with friends seems to involve going out for drinks. I have been pretty good most nights and only having a few drinks, but last night I drank quite a bit. This is really bad! And was totally not the plan at all!!! I really don't typically drink that much, but I obviously need to make an effort to not drink at all. Which will be easier once spring brake is over.

my skin: is still broken out. The blackheads on my forehead seem better, I think this is from using the bp lotion. I am growing a new cyst on my chin, I can feel it starting to come up and will prolly be here tomorrow or the next day. The one on my cheek is getting smaller and the one on my forehead has begun to peel. My chest is COVERED in blackheads, I tried to take a picture of it, but you can't really see them well in the pic.

side effects: peeling skin around my nose, chapped lips, itchy scalp

weird stuff: I fell asleep (okay fine passed out) with my watch on last night, it is a big pleather cuff and today I have big red marks on my wrist. It kinda looks like a sunburn, if you touch it it turns white. I have left the watch on overnight before and this has never happened hopefully it will go away soon.


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