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Week Ten: Day Sixty-Six



Augh. I feel fat. I only rode two miles on the bike today so far. I meant to ride ten, but then I realized I forgot sunscreen and I was REALLY thirsty. (Even after I drink water it still feels like my throat is covered in dust!) So I went home. (more out of habit then anything, that was my running path)

But yeah. Skin's doing great. Still have dark spots. Blah.

I was gonna go swimming at a friend's house but its chilly and believe it or not I'm STILL sick. Not sick enough to let it control my life anymore but sick enough to where swimming and running are dangerous. So I'm gonna go over there just to hang out. It could be REALLY bad. Or REALLY good. She told me she was inviting that guy who I'm all NER about. I hate how he seems all :shhh: for like half a week and >.> for the other half. Its stupid. But it doesn't really matter, I'm becoming less and less emotionaly dependent on him every time he screws up or changes his mind about me (same thing :cry: ).

(As you can tell I'm growing confidence, FINALLY, I'm still trying not to seem egotistical though at the same time >w<) But yeah. I'm going to make it so that my happiness isn't dependent on if he shows up, nor will it be dependent on whether he's flirting with me or not while he's there. I'm going over there to watch anime, draw pictures, knit stuff, and basically hang out. And if he acts like an ass (in an obvious way) I'll kick 'im. :shhh:

Argh! I still have to clean up my room too LAWLZ

Figures I'd wait until sunday to get all the chores and hw done even on SPRING BREAK. oi.


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