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13 Weeks/ The Best Week Ever



I don't mean to boast, but my progress is getting better and better... and better... and better. Not one single pimple this week and the hyperpigmentation is getting better day by day. I'm almost feeling like myself again and my skin is the best that it's been since the summer.

I think I know what the key is...


I know. I know. We've all read article after article... after blog after blog stating that us "acne folk" need to moisturize even though we breakout. Well, two weeks ago, my derm told me not to moisturize unless I absolutely have to. So I stopped moisturizing and I haven't seen my skin look better. Since my last post at 12 weeks, I exfoliated and that's it. I went out on Saturday and ONLY put moisturizer on because I was applying make-up. If you know anything about make-up, it will not go on too smooth on an un-moisturized face.


I've refrained from wearing any make-up on my face unless it's for a special occasion. I think that's greatly helped my skin repair itself and not have to work on getting better while powder, blush and shimmer is on my skin.

But now you're probably saying... Why don't you just wear non-comedogenic make-up? Well, I do. But think about it... the make-up itself may not cause acne, but because our skin is acne prone, having make-up on your skin may add to bacteria being spread and cause your skin to work harder to turn over trapped dead skin cells. Maybe my theory is totally wrong, but it's working for me.

Although I have acne, this is only the 3rd time in my life that my skin has broken out and since using Taz, my skin is getting back to normal. If you haven't been following me, I have hormonal acne... non-cystic and it's primarily on my cheeks. The Taz experience is showing me that I may have a product I can use for life to carry me through possible future hormonal acne attacks.

Once again, I'm having great success and progress.

Until next week...


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