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90 days into Accutane



Hey everyone, it's seems like it's been forever since i last updated u.

Anyway, i had my derm appointment yesterday and he told me things are going exactly the way they should be. I havent broken out in the last 2 weeks which i tell u is VERY weird this has never happened lol. I only have 2 small little blemishes on my left cheek and that's it. No cysts, no crap!however, i do have red marks from previous acne but i can't complain honestly because i'm a girl and i can cover it up with make up. sometimes i try to imagine how different my face would look like if i only had those 2 little blemishes without the red marks! but then agaian, i remember how depressed i was 3 months ago and the improvement i've had over the last month and i thank God for accutane every day, all the time.

For all those who are scared to go on this medication, don't! there r very few side effects mine were mainly: dry skin and eczema. and that's it. And accutane does NOT cause depression, people on Accutane are probably already depressed BECAUSE of their acne so if anything, accutane should be their antidepressant u know? So I'm happy with the results i still have 2-3 months. If things r super clear in 2 months i'll stop but if not i'll finish in june which i don't mind. weather in montreal is AMAZING, it's been sunny for the last 3 days and i've been walking down the streets aimlessly not feeling self conscious or anything!!:shhh:

I haven't seen my hot neighbor in like forever! lol seriously it's so hard to forget about a person if he's 24/7 in front of u! i always hear him and his friends shouting and bla bla pfft screw this i have like 3 guys wanting to date me and all i can think about is that bastard!

oh oh ohh and I' m in that stage where i don't care if i have make up on or not u know? i never thought i'd be in such a place in my life. Ok so i hope things keep improving, take good care of ur health, don't eat fish and spinach cause they cause acne and don't drink. soon enough u'll be smiling and being nice to everyone because u feel beautiful and believe me it feels so good when people keep looking at u and u know they're not staring at ur acne but they're staring at YOU!

for those who have eczema: don't put soap on your eczema, wash it with cold water and vaseline then moisturize like 5-6 times a day with La roche Posay moisturizer cream and i promise u it'll be gone in just 3 days.

If u have any questions or just feel like complaining i'm all ears. A bientot!


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