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day 13



OMGsh I am so itchy!! I will be sitting in class and one lil hair will sweep by my cheek and I'll feel like I have to itch my whole face! My scalp too... I feel like I have lice or something. Its so weird

So The vitamin guy at the health food store by my house was showing me elderberry(fight colds) and I asked him "will this interfere with accutane". He nearly went white in the face :shhh: ! he told me no it wont interfer but that I shouldnt be taking accutane. He said "its drys out your liver and organs and in 10years you might have serious issues. I didnt even wana listen and he got the hint. But kept his eye on me while i was walking around the store!

"Ya know what!!! He has no idea what severe acne is like. I am well aware of the side effects and I dont want to second guess this anymore, Im on it know, too bad" It wasnt his fault, but I noticed how i imediatly put a wall up :shhh: with him and wanted to plug my ears :cry: ! I wont even read the bad accutane posts. I just wana stay positive.... I think thats the bast thing I can do.. and pray and know that God will see me through!

Anyways... My skin is... broken out, not much worse than before, but just more red and the cysts wont go away, but the little pimples dry up so fast!

I am washing with dove and an oil free moisterizer! seems to do well for now!

Happy Saint Patties Day everyone! Headn to the beach wooohooo. Okay off to get ready for the fun and cover this mess on my face

xoxo God Bless


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