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day 13 - not much to report



day 13- Trying to monitor my skin and guess what is from the accutane, and what I may have had otherwise is a bit ridiculous. I have returned to using my clinique acne solutions moisturizer with benzoyl peroxide underneath another moisturizer. I could not stand not doing anything to treat the breakouts- my black heads were huge and I have a ton of pimples, and 3 cysts I had to do something!! I started using the BP on Monday night and by tuesday morning I could already see improvement. So I am going to continue using the BP under a moisturizer until I am so dry that I hate life, and can not continue on with the added drying of the bp.

my skin: the texture of my forehead is nasty! It seems like my skin is trying to push all of my blackheads out ( i think sillyseal said this too and it is so true) I have grown another cyst on my cheek and I am trying my hardest not to touch it at all!!! while my skin looks like crap right now, I do feel that it is healing fast-- a pimple will crop up but then be gone in 2 or so days... The cysts are a different story, they are sticking around for a while. Also my body acne is getting kinda bad. My chest, and shoulders have she same icky texture as my forehead. I almost feel scaly like a fish. My back is pretty bad now too, but doesn't have the weird texture thing going on.

hmmm... So I have pictures of the progress on my face, but I am scared to post them, not really sure why. To post or not to post? that is the question...

Side effects: My lips are dry, but are fine if I have stuff for them - I think the aveda lip saver is better than the aquaphor!! And putting the two on together before bed: I wake up with it still on my lips! I also have dry/ peeling skin on my nose. Nothing too bad though, it does not feel tight and dry, just peeling.

weird stuff: Okay so I have not had any more nightmares, but on Monday night I could not sleep. It felt like I was stuck in a half sleep zone and I was having semi-nightmares but I felt semi-conscious. It was creepy!!! Once I fell asleep fully I was fine, I was anxious to see if it would happen again but last night was fine: no nightmares, semi-lucid mares. I doubt this has anything to do with the tane... although I reserve the right to change my mind about that as my treatment progresses.


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