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Back on track- Day 32



Mood: :shhh:

Day: 32

I'm home!!~ It's great to be sleeping in my own bed after 3+ weeks of being away. As I promised myself, I've been trying to lose the pounds I packed on....so far it's surprisingly going very well! Overall I feel lighter. I wasn't disappointed when I jumped on the scale this morning...Maybe it's the accutane or being on the pill (yasmin) or the combination of walking my dog and going on the treadmill everyday since I got back...Oh and of course i've been eating a lot healthier. But never was I able to lose weight so fast hmmm well whatever it is...I'm loving it!

I was stuck on day 30 for a couple of days and I was worried whether I would break out because of the sudden withdrawal of the medicine. But I only got 2 whiteheads. I did not enjoy being off accutane though, I could feel my skin getting it's moisture back and I didn't need to wear my lip balm as often as i used too. I got my blood work done and scheduled an appt asap. The doc said my skin is so much better than last month. I agree, and I'm excited...however as with most ppl, I'm worried about the red marks...I'm about to purchase Emu Oil- I've heard so many good reviews on here! My doc said that right now there's nothing I could do with the red marks but to just be patient as they will fade away. I hope she's right. But I'm still going to try emu oil...I have to try it myself to believe all this hype! She also upped my dosage of accutane by TWICE! I was on 30mg but I will be on 60mg this month and next. I think it's a little high for my body weight but I'm not going to second guess the doctor...plus I'm thinking higher the dose, the less likely chance the acne will come back later on. Hmm we'll see if my body can handle it. That's why I feel like I have to do my part in making my body as healthy as possible. So far it's only been 2 days since i took my 60mg but I feel like my face is getting dry already..my eyes are dry and I feel so thirsty all the time.

I just read an article, that acne could be caused by mites called demodex that live off your hair follicles....I was so utterly grossed out. These mites lay 500 eggs a day underneath your skin! They feed off dead skin, cosmetics that haven't been washed off properly, hormones etc. It's definitely something you guys should all read about...google it, demodex mites~ there's also a thread here on acne.org it won't let me post a link but it's there...all i can say is...eeeekkk gross!

I just wish the itch on my face that i occasionally get is from the tane and not from these buggers.

As for my job interview, I haven't heard back yet...they said it would take about 3 or more weeks till they give me the final verdict! Why does it take so long? augh~~ 2 more weeks of waiting...Hopefully I can share with you my good news!

Good luck to all of you on your journey! I can't wait to hear your progress!


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