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Who here is out of pocket?



So we've all heard about the ultimate nightmare; our once peaches and cream complexions get slapped with the most hideous form of nodular acne there is. What's worse? Our insurance flat our refuses coverage. We scan and search the furthest corners of cyberspace and are unable to find any patient assistance programs. We discover that between Claravis, Sotret and Amnesteem, the cheapest price for a month's supply is touch $500. However our acne is relentless; it begins to cover a greater distances on our face, it cuts and bleeds and those of us who belong to the masculine gender try and shave, and worst of all, it begins to affect our self moods, our self esteem and our general quality of life. Well yes that would be me. So what do I do?

Well I did some research and discovered that prices for isotretinoin (still known as Accutane in Canada) are far cheaper than what is available to us in the united states. Generics are even cheaper so a months supply of the brand runs to just under $300 while generics are just under $200

The gray area is; Canada pharamcies have no control over Ipledge. So the question I wanted to ask were,

1)who here is out of pocket and what have you done to relieve yourself (partially or completely) of the dent isotretinoin makes to your pockets? Any patient assistance program we are unaware of?

2)Who here has taken the canadian route? Is it risky because Ipledge cannot be kept up to date on what we are buying? Or is there a way around that?

3) Has anyone here heard of Clarus, the generic Canadian equivalent to Accutane? Does it work?

Any pointers, advice or assistance anyone can offer me will be greatly appreciated! Thank You!


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