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Week 20: Day 138



I AM ON MONTH 5!!!!! I can't freaking believe it! AHH! I went to the dermatologist a few days ago and have been in month 5 for 4 days and I am super duper excited! I asked my dermatologist about my red scars and he informed me that they are not scars, they are just hyperpigmentation from treatment. So, this means that they will fade a lot once I'm off Accutane, according to my dermatologist :] I don't know that there is much more to update on, although I do need to take more pictures and add them to my video slide show. Other than that, my only side effects are really red eyes and dry skin on the sides of my mouth. But, I am still on 120 mg a day to finish out my treatment. I am going to continue taking pictures and blogging sporadically on here to update. I think that is all and I'll blog again soon.



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