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So technically, I've been off Accutane for about ten days or more. I do still have a few pills left but I haven't gotten around to taking them. I've been trying mostly not to think about my skin at all, because god knows there's enough stress right now... but it's already getting back to 'normal.' I don't want to go prodding at it for lurkers because I'm scared I'll find many.

My skin has gotten oilier, but not really by much. I can still get away with barely washing my face if I'm not wearing makeup. The texture doesn't look very good though, and I really hate that the pores on my nose are getting back to normal already. I did speak briefly with my clinic about extending my course, but I ended up missing that appointment.

I am really not taking good care of myself lately, so Accutane would be good insurance for my skin. It would be excellent to clear up and close this chapter of my life.


Yay, finally I find your blog! When I stopped taking accutane I had two active zits and I was convinced I needed more accutane. My skin improved SO MUCH in the months after accutane. Right now I am using a glycolic wash and toner to maintain results. I might need a 2nd course down the line if things ever got worse but... let's not think about that!I hope you will feel better about your skin soon. I'm slowly starting to not obsess over my skin, like not checking it out at every opportunity and it's not the first thing I think of every morning, etc. The pictures you have posted in the past looked really great. I know it's hard not to have perfect skin, but think about all the things that come easily to you... like being a great writer. :) I guess we just can't have it all.Good luck!

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I missed your posts, nikkia!! I was sad you weren't writing anymore, but now that I'm through with my course I understand. We shall reply to one another every month or so, works for me =PDid you notice the quality of your skin improving once you got off Accutane? My face was in this perfectly preserved, clear state for months - even tone, soft, etc etc etc, apart from the red marks (which were fading quickly toward the end). Now it's back to looking unhealthy again, though on Accutane I looked okay even without makeup. I'm hoping that this is just some awkward adjustment phase, though.Thank you for the encouragement! It's really good to hear how far we've come, isn't it? Update us sometime!

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