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Week Nine: Day Sixty-Two



Yay! So I used AHA+ again last night. I haven't had any real noticeable breakouts (though I dreampt I did :D) Guess I'm a LLITTTLLEE obsessed. Oh well. I'm looking forward to real clear skin :D

So yeah, I am 'clear' as far as I can tell (maybe two very small and barely noticeable with all the dark spots pimples?) But I'm looking forward to being CLEAR (as in no dark spots). They are getting smaller! And I know that if I keep up the Regimen soon I will not only have relatively zit-free skin, but relatively dark spot-free skin too!!

It makes me feel so attractive. My confidence has gone way up. I just now have to be CAREFUL still. Its hard to tell if a new suitor is attracted because of my new clear skin or because of my new found confidence. Probably the confidence because even when I had acne if I had confidence it didn't seem to matter.

Well next goal would be I want to get back in shape. I'm going to start working out today (I can't run yet but I can at least activate muscle groups to prepare for running again) And I'm going to push myself to finish at least TWO weeks of track so I can see if I'm going to make it or not. The only downside is a friend of mine who's coming to visit (don't get me wrong, I'm excited) is coming right at the END of spring break. He'll be here as soon as I have about two or one free hour a day to spend on homework -_-. I'll find time to spend with him though. I have to! He's only here once or twice a semester tops. I guess it'll work out fine. I just hope I don't overload or get sick again. (that happens whenever I'm busy which SUCKS because it makes me even MORE busy so I just keep relapsing into sickness) Hopefully all the extra stress won't interfere with my skin too bad,..


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