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Week 3



Finally noticing some side affects -don't get me wrong, im not excited by them but at least it show that the stuff is working. I thought the easiest way of doing this is to rank each sympton on a scale of 1 - 10. 1 being - I can hardly notice and 10 being - OMG I can't take this shit anymore.

Dry eyes - 1 (use eye drops morning and night)

Dry lips - 3 (Paw paw cream is awesome)

Red face/irritated skin - 1 or 2

Headach/hangover feeling - 3

Thats pretty much it, although I've noticed in the morning my nose is all dried out inside - it sounds gross but it reminds me of those little kids that have dried snot on thier face cause it's been there all day haha. I'm doing well so far, it's still early days but I'm feeling pretty confident I can manage it all the way through. The first time was really hard, the second time was easier so I'm optimistic the third will be straight forward.

One thing I did want to talk about is being a male and the stigma around making your skin look better. All my mates are real manly sort of guys, and as they haven't had bad skin like me they wouldn't understand the reasons I'm going through all this effort to improve my skin...they would see it as vein or something a woman would do. i've kind of had to hide the fact that I use face wash and toner and all the other products over the years.

Since I've been taking the tane it's also be hard cause i've been putting on the lip balms too and it's not like its cold in Australia so dry lips in warm weather is kind of rare - it just looks like im wearing lip gloss.

Not sure if you other guys have had to do the same thing, or gone through similiar issues hiding certain things frm your mates


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