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Week Nine: Day Sixty-One



WHHHHEEEE guess what! I'm going to oakland/san fran (don't know which) for sushi and Jazz!!!!!!

Best part is I get to take another sushi loving friend! I'm so excited and thrilled and happy and HUNGRY man~!

Well anyways,

My skin is still doing pretty fantastic. I used the AHA+ as a moisturizer last night, and since we're going to travel during the day I guess I'll go ahead and put some sunscreen on just in case. My skin felt tight this morning and I was flaky on my forehead. The initial application of it did sting a bit, it wasn't like how the moisturizer used to sting, it was more of a warm and less annoying sting. I can't really tell if I have any results yet because I'm afraid its just my imagination and will be gone soon or something. I didn't breakout over night, but after repeated use I might. I'm hoping that one application a week or so ago was enough to go through the purge.

But yeah, my motivation to go ahead and use the AHA+ as a night time moisturizer was "just do it."

I've been breaking out for as long as I can remember, so one last breakout to eventually have relatively perfect skin is doable, especially during spring break when no one can really see me anyways except for good friends. (I highly doubt I'll be going on any lunch dates :D)


Now I get to be bored. See whenever I have something AWESOME to do I usually procrastinate until then. Actually I think I'll give my trumpet a bath,..maybe I'll set a few goals to complete before we leave so I'll actually get stuff done.


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