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Day 2



Well day 2 and I already see improvement, not sure if it's because of Accutane or sheer coincidence. My 2 pimples from yesterday are gone. I woke up this morning to no oily skin. I usually feel the need to wash my face first thing in the morning because of all the oil. I suppose I'm already starting to dry out, hopefully this doesn't get too severe. I plan to use aveeno face wash (the neutrogena acne system that I love will likely cause me to dry out horribly combined with the accutane, hopefully aveeno won't be too bad) aquaphor on my lips and cerave for a moisturizer. I've read about emu oil for spot treatment, so I'm going to pick some of that up.

I'm still terrified of these side effects, I really hope since my acne isn't terrible, and I don't have or ever had any sort of cystic acne, my side effects won't be outrageous.


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