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Week 1 on the Differin! IB already!!



Ok, so it's already been 1 week on the regime and I'm already getting the IB! :D If I could just see into the future so I could be sure that all of this was going to be worthwhile it would be a beautiful thing....

I thought about taking some photo's today and doing a photo diary but it's just too depressing! Everytime I see my skin in a photo I think it looks a hell of a lot worse than how it does in real life. I think 12 years of trying to get rid of and/or ignore acne has made me block out how bad it really is - haha!


This week has been ok. Not too much stress at work, I've been doing my Davina McCall exercise dvd and eating pretty healthily so feeling pretty good in myself. The issue is that my face is covered in bumps and lots of smallish red inflamed blackheads and whiteheads. I don't really want to put make-up on them as they look like they could easily get blocked up even more but it looks sooo gross that if I go out tonight i'm gonna have to.....

- Differin- My skin was much drier than usual and a little itchy after 2 days so I had one day off. Moisturiser has been working ok. A little bit of peeling on my chin on day 5/6 but its gone today. Overall lots of bumps under my skin on cheeks and jaw line, lots of blackheads and whiteheads have already come to the surface and quite a few have become inflamed. Its less oily though which i suppose is a plus.

- AHA Application - Good results so far on my back after only 1 week. Most of the little whiteheads have already gone and its feeling really smooth. Chest - not much difference so far but stuff seems to be coming to the surface a bit. No major breakout though!

- Diet - Think there may have been some dairy in the Indian food i had but can't have been too much... Eaten pretty healthily apart from the Indian and the Kinder Bueno but hey it was the weekend and i need a little break!

- Exercise - Davina DVD x3 plus Yoga x 1 - woop! Getting fit for the outdoor simming season!

- Picking - Hmmm I'm ashamed to say that I did pick a little today as I was bored and there were a few blackheads that were right on the surface - gross huh?! You would have thought i'd have learnt my lesson by now... :D

- Mood - Not too bad until I look at my face in the mirror LOL! :D

Let's hope my IB has come very early on..... and is about to go very very quickly... :D


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